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Top 5: Reasons You Should Still Be Hiring A Realtor When Buying or Selling Your Home

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Top 5:
Reasons You Should Still Be Hiring A Realtor When Buying or Selling Your Home


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Dear Clients, Colleagues, & Friends

September has snuck up on us fast! I guess the old saying is true, time truly does fly when you're having fun.
Now that the kids are back in school and everyone is back to the grind, I wanted to take a moment to give our take on a topic that has been floating around pretty recently; "why should i hire a Realtor?"
It is true that with so many different resources and available technology to scout our your perfect home, it all seems just a click a away. But is it?
This month, well take a moment to explore our Top 5 other reasons just beyond the click, and why hiring a real estateprofessional can bring some much needed value to the home buying experience.
Keep reading below!
Paola M. Garcia-Carrillo
Real Estate Broker | CEO


1) Latest Real Local Market Information
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Sure the Zillow & Trulia's of the world have access to the MLS information that's uploaded right to their platforms and onto your phone.
But do these apps know if that neighborhood has a special assessment from the county coming up? Or how about the flow of traffic on your dream home's street at 4pm on a Monday?
Using a local, knowledgeable real estate agents can provide oodles of practical buying & selling advice. In addition, the mountains of specialized information available to your agents finger tips via the National Association of Realtors is unmatched by any app. (Sorry not sorry Zillow!)


2) We Can Do the Dirty Work
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Ever negotiated with a 3 year old on going to bed early? Nightmares! Now imagine 2 sides negotiating for the largest sale or purchase of their lives!
The sole purpose of the real estate agent is to protect the public and separate negotiating parties to have more fair, even handed negotiations.
Buyers & sellers tempers can flare, terms can then be misunderstood: it's an emotional roller coaster! As agents, we are trained to remove these issues to have a clear understanding of two minds coming together, and for both parties to feel satisfied with the outcomes of their sale or purchase.


3) How Much Time Do You Have?
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As per the educational material set by the Florida Real Estate Commission; it's recommended that real estate professionals show clients no more than 3-5 houses. Why? Simple: it's overwhelming to the consumer.
But not for us! Driving from property to property, creating relationships with different local buyers/sellers/roofers/appraisers
(you name it), scouring listings at 3am: it's what we do best!
Most often times buyers & sellers of real estate will have full time professions, full hands with their kids, and a wide range of social groups, networks, & responsibilities to take care of. Let your real estate professional work with AND for you!


4) Buying A Home is Still Personal
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If you're ever feeling very ill do you only consult WedMD? How about getting 100% of all your legal advice from
You wouldn't leave such personal matters to websites & apps only; same goes for your real estate agent. As mentioned above, your purchase or sale of real estate could be the largest of your life!
Our home is also a close-to-our-heart personal property. It's where we take refuge from the world, raise our families, and have roots to some of our greatest memories; it flourishes with a personal touch!


5) What Happens After?
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Great you found your dream home.
"The home inspector will check for termites before we close right?" "We survived that Hurricane, but I think there's a leak in my roof who do I call?" "The kids are grown and now we want a condo, how much can we sell our home for?"
Apps & websites are great for falling in love with a property. But what about after the honeymoon is over?
Your real estate agent can and should be with you for the rest of your life. A great, dedicated real estate professional can provide knowledgeable advice from every aspect of home ownership beginning to end. Take advantage!
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